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Rental Terms

What we do in specific situations

We rent and ship Laser Tag Guns anywhere in the United States!

The Rental Terms

Legal Terms 

  • By agreeing to our terms of service and contracting with Laser Tag Source (LTS), you agree to own any and all liability for injury or property damage incurred while using LTS’ taggers and/or bunkers. 
  • Laser Tag Source is not responsible for injury or property damage incurred while using their taggers and/or bunkers. 

Rental Terms and Shipping Policy

Reservation Payment Policy

Payments must be received 7 days prior to the event in order to ensure on time shipment. Any payments received within 7 days of your rental may be subject to additional shipping charges.

Delayed Equipment Arrival:

There is a 100% money back guarantee and a free rental for equipment that does not arrive prior to the event, unless due to inclement weather.

Inclement Weather:

If the shipment is delayed due to inclement weather, the rental of equipment will be refunded. However, the shipping cost will still remain.

Malfunctioning Equipment:

If there is equipment that does not function correctly, you will be refunded for the malfunctioning items only. We also provide 24 hour customer service.

Cancellation Policy

There is no fee to cancel a rental before payment has been received. However, a cancellation after payment has been received will result in a partial refund. 75% of the rental and full shipping costs will be refunded to the canceling party.

User Agreement:

  •  I am responsible for any damage to the equipment during use. I agree to pay the following for damaged equipment:  
    • $45 for every damaged iNerf laser tag gun
    • $97 for every damaged Phoenix LTX laser tag gun 
    • $149 for every damaged UBIsoft laser tag gun
    • $499 for every damaged laptop
    • $159 for every damaged bunker
    • $725 for every damaged Tippmann Barracuda
    • $97 for every damaged Team Ops
  • I will inspect all equipment prior to my laser tag event so that adequate measures may be taken to resolve all renter and user issues by calling tech support at least two hours before the event. If not, I forfeit the opportunity to be refunded for malfunctioning equipment.
  • I am responsible to ship the rented equipment back on the agreed date. If I choose not to take the equipment to a UPS store, I will be charged a full rental fee of $10-$39 per tagger if they are more than 1 day late. (The customer is not responsible once the equipment has been received by UPS). I will return all equipment in the original box it was sent in or purchase a new box and package myself. Return shipping materials are my responsibility.

“Play at Own Risk” Policy

Laser Tag Source is not responsible for injury or property damage incurred while using their taggers and/or bunkers.

Shipping/Rain-Check Policy

In the event that Laser Tag Source ships your order on time, and the shipping company (UPS, FedEx, etc) does not deliver according to their terms of service, Laser Tag Source cannot be held responsible for late delivery and as such cannot offer a refund of rental fees. Laser Tag Source will, however, provide the customer with a rain check allowing them to take delivery of the same order at a later date, free of charge.

Additional Rental Fee for Late Returns

All customers are responsible for returning equipment on the first business day following their rental. Any equipment postmarked after this date will be considered “re-rented” and will be charged as such and at the prices listed on the LTS website.

Refund Policy

In order to qualify for a refund, you must call the help desk if there is a problem. In order to receive this refund, the customer must call the customer service number included with their shipment no less than two (2) hours before their scheduled event in order to allow LTS’ technicians the opportunity to remedy any equipment issues remotely. Laser Tag Source offers a full refund for the rental price of any malfunctioning or nonfunctioning equipment.